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As some of the regular visitors have noticed, DeerFever has taken on a new look and with that comes many questions.

For starters it’s a simple matter of reorganizing and starting fresh. Our previous platform used to distribute pages and information had become extremely lethargic which in turn did not provide a benefit for our visitors as well as ourselves during updates. It was a simple matter of time I suppose before we forged forward into a new realm with an updated platform. Thus, here we begin.

Updates will take place during this entire weekend as we begin to migrate our previous content back into the mix. Once we have the informational pages published we will begin on the product pages. That portion, which we have deemed a second phase of the rebuild, will be more time and labor-intensive as we plan to create a very similar but sperate platform for that section.

For the previous members who were registered through our old platform we would like to inform you that the information contained in those databses has been deleted. At this point we’re unsure if we will add what some may call “social networking” or “community interaction” apsects to our new domain. If that should take place we will have a very prominent notice to inform visitors that the options to become involved with the site are active.

In this new platform we will be introducing the option to receive newsletters that contain the latest news. This function would email you whenever we post new deer hunting news to DeerFever. Your email would arrive in the form of text including a snippet of the latest news and the link to read the rest of the article. We [b]will[/b] be posting deer hunting news as it becomes available so, if you strive to stay on top of the latest deer hunting news this may be your perfect solution.

With this platform our visitors are also able to subscribe to our news via the rss feed. Currently you can find the news feed at the bottom of the page. If you already subscribe to these types of feeds then you know the process from that point.

At this time we are concentrating our efforts to this rebuild by breaking away from our network updates within the Water and Woods Network. We hope to be back so we ask that a bit of patience come into play here as we will most likely divert our attention away from answering emails to continue the build.

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