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Antler Scoring Sheets

I once remember a friend commenting that when we measure antlers we have to stop and wonder just whose head we are really measuring. The underlying tones of that statement ring true in every instance when I witness an exceptional whitetail buck regardless of the circumstances. That trophy set of antlers stirs the imagination into a frenzy of bagging that old swamp buck that has eluded all hunting efforts in the previous years and grown to a sage old master of his domain.

For those who truly enjoy matching wits and knowledge with those magical monster whitetails we offer both Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young scoring sheets in an easily downloadable pdf format.

Pope And Young
American Elk size: 96 kb’s
Alaskan Moose size: 95.7 kb’s
Antelope size: 63.9 kb’s
Caribou size: 96.3 kb’s
Canadian Moose size: 95.7 kb’s
Non Typical Elk size: 114 kb’s
Non Typical Mule Deer size: 99.7 kb’s
Non Typical Whitetail size: 102 kb’s
Roosevelt’s Elk size: 98.8 kb’s
Typical Mule Deer size: 95.2 kb’s
Typical Whitetail size: 102 kb’s

Boone And Crockett
Caribou size: 68.8 kb’s
Elk size: 66 kb’s
Moose size: 60.4 kb’s
Mule Deer size: 65.7 kb’s
Non Typical Elk size: 71.6 kb’s
Non Typical Mule Deer size: 72 kb’s
Non Typical Whitetail size: 65.9 kb’s
Roosevelt’s Elk size: 67 kb’s
Whitetail size: 64.8 kb’s

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