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Author: James L. Bruner

When you’re behind on your scouting and have but a few days before the hunt, try dragging a cover scent behind you while you search the area. Obviously this will not destroy the human scent but it will suppress it… possibly keeping that buck in the area for you to hunt.

Try to put your treestand in a tree with plenty of background cover keeping the prevailing winds for that time of the year to your face and, take care of those pesky noises your stand may have developed while sitting in the shed. A good treestand lube can be made by heating petroleum jelly until it reaches a liquid form. Some hunters have reported success by including a cover scent in this mixture before applying it to their stands

A spray bottle filled with Hydrogen Peroxide is a good tool to have when tracking a wounded deer. When the blood gets sparse or to determine if it is actually blood you’re looking at, spray the Peroxide in the area in question. The Proxide will foam up as it reacts with the blood leaving no doubt if you are on the right path to finding your deer. It also doubles as a cleansing agent for wounds you may encounter in the field.

It has been proven that a deer has an attention span of about 3 minutes. If you have made a mistake, and you can hold your composure and be silent, all may not be lost. The deer may resume his natural activities.

A cheap masking scent can be made from a solution of warm water and baking soda. You can also wash your clothes in baking soda to eliminate odors. The baking soda also makes a good powder for checking wind direction.

Start your mock scrape by bending the branch until it hangs about four feet above the ground. After clearing leaves and debris from underneath the branch, use a stout stick to work the ground. Then create a rub on a nearby tree. Use a saw or knife to rough up the bark and expose the tree’s inner layers. Finally apply scent to the rub, being careful not to contaminate the site with human scent.

Affordable Homemade Scent Control

Next time you are in the woods scouting, pick up fallen acorns from the ground. Put the acorns in water and boil them until they are soft. Smash up the acorns and then boil them again. When the water turns real dark colored strain the mixture and put the liquid away until your next hunt. Put the mixture in a spray bottle for easy application. You now have an effective and all natural cover scent

If you want to fool a big buck, take pine needles and acorns and boil them for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the acorns are soft, mush them up and boil them again. After you have boiled them for the second time, put the acorns and pine needles in the refrigerator. Make sure there is water in the container. The night before you go hunting, pour the contents on your clothes or strain and add to a spray bottle. Make sure they have time to dry.

Tampons are the best and cheapest sent wicks there are. They are scent free and sterile and come in their own scent free package, and they also have their own string to hang them up in a bush or tree or use to drag for a scent line. If you can get past the purchasing part these are extremely effective.

Another effective way to eliminate any human odor is to take 2 pillow cases (doubled up) and fill them with leaves, dirt, acorns or whatever is in the area your hunting. Before your hunt, run the pillowcase under water and get a little damp. Throw your clothes in the dryer with the damp pillowcase filled with leaves, dirt, acorns etc. and put on high for 10-15 min. Your clothes will smell just like the woods your hunting.

Buy some non-spiced apple juice or cider (all natural is the best) at your local grocery store and put it in a spray bottle. Once you are situated at your stand, periodically spray the apple juice or cider into the air for the smell of fresh apples. If it is cold out, take your apple mixture and place some in a small container. Now remove one of your hand warmers from its bag and activate, then place the container of apple juice on top of the heater. The heat from the hand warmer will cause the scent to disperse more rapidly, and cover a larger area. The smell of apples will attract deer by appealing to their appetite for one of their most irresistible natural food sources.

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