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As speculation grows as to whether Decker’s buck will be a new world record, there’s absolutely no denying that the big whitetail is definately going to set some records.

Bob Decker, of Eau Claire Wisconsin, was hunting in Buffalo county when the big buck appeared and his excitement grew as it appeared this was the same animal that appeared on video posted on the Field and Stream website. Experts suggested that the deer in the video could top Milo Hanson’s buck and grab top honors for the world’s largest legally harvested whitetail deer.

It’s been debated as to whether the massive set of antlers will be viewed as typical or non typical which in turn will effect the buck’s status and viability for approaching the world record. Obviously the antlers will have to be subjected to the mandatory drying period before any measurements can be taken.

The deer, a 16 point, 3 1/2 year old buck that was reported to weigh 200 pounds after field dressing, was measured by Jack Dodge of Dodge’s Taxidermy in Elk Lake. Dodge declined to reveal the score noting that it would definately score over 200 inches.

Decker shot the buck at 9:30 a.m. after hearing a twig snap that caught his attention. He watched the buck approach from 40 yards out before releasing an arrow that struck the buck’s vitals a mere 7 yards from the hunter. The buck made a mad dash for roughly 50 yards before piling up and collapsing. The deer regained it’s footing and staggered another 50 yards before expiring.

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