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For two years Scott White and his brothers set their sights on a legendary buck named Big Nine and, year after year, the big buck eluded all hunters. As hunters so often realize, persistence pays off, and this year would hold a truely different outcome.

Brothers Scott, Nick, and Matt White typically hunt hard year round and harvest trophy whitetail bucks. Their dedication to the sport never ends as they glass the fields during the summer months and monitor trail cameras for clues into the daily routines of some absolutely massive whitetail deer. Winter months find the trio scouting the woods for shed antlers which hold yet another clue to the puzzle of the local deer herd. Their quest and knowledge of this particular animal dates back several years when they consistently found shed antlers cast from the monster buck each year showing the growth of the animals antlers annually.

Nick White says, “It seems as though the deer’s IQ grew as quickly as his antlers. He’s the smartest deer we’ve ever hunted.”

As the days moved forward it would be Scott who have the first and final shot at the big buck when he caught a glimpse of antler tines moving through the woods and the buck presented a shot. At 30 yards his aim proved true and the buck made a final run of 80 yards before expiring.

After grossing 200 7/8 this buck is expected to make the top 10 or 15 in Kansas after the mandatory drying period.

With 27 inch main beams and 16 inch tall tines this is absolutely a buck that any hunter, especially a bowhunter, would enjoy viewing from his treestand let alone the opportunity to harvest such a trophy.

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