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No this isn’t a Yoopers song this is the real deal and a whopper of a whitetail buck at that. Wayne Schumacher took this behemoth of a non-typical whitetail that looks like he’s carrying a small tree on it’s head while hunting in Fon du Lac county Wisconsin. The buck was referred to as Lucky Buck and had been reported by other hunters and residents but Schumacher was unaware that he was in the same neighborhood as the huge whitetail. That is until the buck happened past Schumacher’s treestand and fell victim to a well placed arrow.

I didn’t have time to get nervous says Schumacher. It was over before I knew it and a 15 yard shot sent the buck running roughly 70 yards before collapsing to the ground. The buck has an inside antler spread of 20½ inches. Its field-dressed weight was around 225 pounds and age estimates are that the deer is at least 4½ to 5 years old. A rough estimate of the green score landed the buck somewhere around 251 according to reports from people on the scene. With the current record standing at 233 Schumacher’s buck stands a very good chance of claiming the state archery record for a non-typical whitetail. Official scoring is soon to follow.


Schumacher Bags 30 Point Non Typical Wisconsin Buck — 25 Comments

  1. Didnt the state of Wisconsin import some deer from texas for breeding purposes to generate more racks like that? Thats a great buck for Wisconsin but a good buck for Texas.

  2. Sorry Tex….we don’t hunt in fenced in farms. That is a crazy awesome buck for anywhere not fenced in, Texas or Wisconsin!

  3. I dont care what state you hunt in if that isnt a big buck then something is wrong with your eyeballs. Congrats to the hunter on this wonderful trophy deer!

  4. It doesnt matter what state it is when someone says a buck like that isnt big they are juts yanking your chain. If they truly belive its not a big buck then they are headhunters…not deer hunters.

  5. Trophy deer are not measured by state lines or other peoples judgement. Thats one hell of a fine buck. Congrats to the hunter.

  6. Crazy huge buck. Proud to say from my home state actually the same area I live. Congratulations to Schumacker.

  7. Wow Nice Rack, how do you keep from getting the fever and stay calm shooting this beast congrats

  8. Awesome Buck!! Would take it everytime. Congrats to Wayne. Woulod be proud to hang that one in the house…WOW

  9. I hunt a lot every year in an area with some dandy bucks but never have I come across anything like that. Congratulations to you Mr. Schumacker.

  10. Great deer but it would have been cool if it was half moose, lol. Once in a lifetime shot and you nailed it. Good job bud!!!

  11. i just have to say congrats on the buck and hank you to all the american bow hunters for keeping the tradition going! a bow takes skill not just a trigger finger so keep in mind any kill big small buck or doe you did a great job!

  12. That’s the buck i been looking for. suck’s he got him be for i did. GOOD JOB MAN THAT’S AN AWESOME BUCK!

  13. Yeah not much hope of topping that buck in a lifetime or three. To grouzer – the article says the 233 record is current for the state which is Wisconsin. I dont think this was referencing a world record non typical buck.

  14. Great buck! To Tex: It takes two texas bucks to weigh that much and their antlers are a fraction of the size. You need to see a real dear some day..