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It seems even today’s innocent little kids can’t get away from that rogue whitetail buck that’s boiling over with increasing testosterone levels in anticipation for the upcoming rutting season. Hell hath no fury like a rutting buck. Just ask Brandon Hiles of Ohio and he’ll attest for the brutality of a buck on the rampage!

Brandon, who is a mere 7 years old, found himself literally on the business end of a whitetail buck recently while playing ball with his 9 year old friend Wyatt Pugh. As the ball rolled into the woods little Brandon went to retrieve it and found himself face to face with a buck. The buck ran at Brandon and flipped him using it’s antlers resulting in bruises and gashes to Brandon’s body. His friend Wyatt took action hitting the deer with a stick to try and make it go away.

An investigation by local police from Wintersville concluded that there were actually two bucks in the area and that Brandon most likely became the victim when he inadvertently got in between the two combatants.

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