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Terry Kyle 17 point Wisconsin buck Wisconsin is cranking out some nice whitetail bucks this year and with all the attention they could see an influx of extra hunters on the way!

Terry Kyle of Glenwood City, Wisconsin took this huge buck with archery equipment North of Glenwood City.

This deer was a particular animal that he had scouted on trail cameras but could only dream this big monster would walk within range for an effective bow shot.

According to reports Kyle didn’t have a clear view of the antlers but did have a good field of vision of the body of the deer which was very large in stature. Kyle decided to take the shot and realized he connected with a nice buck. After a brief tracking period he found out just how huge the buck really was.

With 17 scorable points and a 21 inch inside antler spread this monster tipped the scales at 217 pounds field dressed. According to reports Kyle was quoted as saying this buck was like a horse with horns.

Congrats on a nice buck Kyle!

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