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Barretts Texas State Record Whitetail Buck

Mark Barrett of Las Raices Ranch is expected to go down in the record books as the new holder of the Texas non typical whitetail deer state record and possibly the largest ever buck taken in the state of Texas. Now that’s a title any deer hunter would envy!

Barrett’s buck is said to be 100% natural pasture deer from the family ranch. The family claims no enhancement has been derived through scientific influences and the Webb county monster buck was purely the result of native genetics and a perfect storm of nutrition. As with any monster buck speculation swirls around the deer itself but you cannot downplay the true size of this huge buck.

In obvious velvet, this buck grossed a green score of 311 4/8” and we’re hoping some of those genetics were passed on down the line for future whitetails of this caliber.

Congrats to Mark on this true trophy whitetail deer.


Barrett Tags Texas Non Typical Whitetail Record Buck — 3 Comments

  1. ya shot behind a fence no doubt. sure its a big buck. huge buck. but what if this guy raised it in a pen and then shot it. we know it wasnt a free ranging animal. i jus think we should have a few more rules about eligible deer.

  2. holy crap. i Dont hunt texas but see what They mean about everything in Texas is bigger. I want to go to Texas and hunt huige bucks!

  3. HUGE!!!!! that is not a pasture deer i know it for sure!!!!! it was been eating something that made it like that! but nice deer:)