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Kim Acker of Wisconsin with trophy whitetail buck

When you look at Kim Acker’s resume’ you might suspect that this is your typical mom with the daily chores, children, and a hubby to tend to each day. And while all that may be true for this 36 year old hunter, she is also very likely to be holding the biggest whitetail taken with archery equipment by a woman in the state of Wisconsin.

When Acker started out her day she was probably dreaming of trophy whitetail bucks but to actually score on a 200 class monster like this she can honestly say that her hard work and past 15 years of hunting experince has finally come to fruition.

While sitting in her treestand on a blustery day on the farm, Acker waited patiently as the time crept closer to 7 p.m. signaling the end of another hunting day. Call it perfect stand placement, luck of the draw, or just her time if you will, but the buck she had been watching on trail cameras finally made it’s appearance. While Kim has shot several other nice bucks this one tested her patience and prowess and she tried to focus on the target area and not the antlers. A strong demand of any hunter especially when you’re staring down a trophy whitetail buck.

The buck continued on his path into Acker’s shooting range. She leveled her bow as the buck was quartering away and launched an arrow at 15 yards. The buck bounded away and Kim quickly called her husband/hunting partner Kurt who joined Kim to search for the deer. With no arrow or blood in sight the pair decided to wait until morning to follow-up tracking the animal.

Kurt rallied his brother for a search the next morning and they found the deer around noon. The shot was in the liver which as we know as hunters tends to leave little blood trail. The buck sported 16 points on it’s non-typical rack and had an inside spread of 18 inches. While coyotes had found and eaten much of the hind quarters, the rest of the deer was in good shape.

Unoficially the green score came out at 202 3/8 according to local reports. The buck is easily expected to be the largest non-typical ever taken in Milwaukee county with a current long-standing record of 172 2/8 inches from back in 1985. Congrats to Kim on her magnificent accomplishment.

Just last year Wayne Schumacher also broke a Wisconsin record by bagging the biggest whitetail buck ever taken in the state of Wisconsin.


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  1. thats a nice buck and hopefulyl for her a new record in wisconsin…the land of cheese and deer. is it me only or does she kind of remind you of shannion tweed.