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Bob Lavergne New York 21 Point Buck

Bob Lavergne scored big time when he dropped this massive nontypical 21 point buck earlier this month in Indian Lake. Lavergne was reported to be part of a hunting party when he made the wise decision to break from the pack and still-hunt the Cedar River area of the Gooley Club property.

Lavergne spotted the buck from 100 yards away as it cruised the side of a ridge. Fearing that any attempt to stalk closer to the buck might blow his cover, he took the shot and the 30.06 cartridge dropped the buck on the spot.

The deer itself was not large in terms of body weight which is probably consistent with reports that the deer was aged between 11 and 12 years old which, if accurate, is well beyond any normal age range for wild whitetail deer.

With no reports of any green scoring yet we can only say that sheds from this same deer have measured right around 190 according to reports surfacing about the buck.

Congrats on your huge buck Bob!

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