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Brian Inda Typical Wisconsin Whitetail Buck
Brian Inda (show on the right) of Wautoma displays his buck shot while bowhunting. The buck’s shed antlers are shown on the ground.

The state of Wisconsin is really giving up some nice whitetail bucks this year and here we have yet another bruiser that has the potential to become a state record!

Brian Inda put this big bad boy on the ground while bowhunting on the 2nd of November from a treestand in Wild Rose. This wasn’t just any buck. Inda and his friends had hoped for a glimpse of this monster during the hunting season.

Inda knew there was a big buck in the area after he, his brother, and friend, found an impressive set of shed antlers that scored 192 inches. Unfortunately none of them had permission to hunt anything other than shed antlers on that parcel of property. But the deck played out with a possible trump card for Inda’s hand when he secured permission to hunt the property, a tree farm, right next door to the big buck’s stomping grounds. The stage was set for a truly impressive deer hunt.

Inda had been calling with a grunt call previously that he feels caught the dominant bucks attention which began working a scrape and following a trail that would lead right past Inda’s treestand. At 15 yards Brian released an arrow at the broadside buck and after a waiting period, and some calls to family and friends, the tracking began. Inda’s aim was true and the big whitetail was found 70 yards from the shot.

The 12 pointer sported 7 antlers points on one side and 5 on the other. Measured by an official scorer the buck grossed 198 2/8 and was estimated at 7 1/2 years old. The current state record is held by Barry Rose with a buck scoring 187 2/8 in 2006.

Congrats to Brian on a fantastic whitetail buck.

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