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Steve Esker Ohio 200 class crossbow buck Steve Esker hunting in the state of Ohio has managed his third 200 class whitetail buck with this dream monster of the 2010 season.

Esker and his brother are well known for the superior animals they tag and this buck is definitely no exception for Steve. When this 24 point brute of a buck walked in front of Esker’s crossbow sights on October 14 he knew it was the shooter buck he had seen on his trail cameras. Hunting the city limits of a 240 acre Columbus farm he had perched himself a mere 15 feet in a tree using apples as bait when corn failed to draw the buck’s attention.

While watching a smaller buck munch on apples the monster whitetail appeared 24 yards away. With a perfect broadside shot Esker dropped the pins of his crossbow on the bucks shoulder and let a bolt fly. The follow-up tracking had to resume the next morning where they found the buck 40 yards from where they ended the search the night before.

The non typical buck was reported to score 217 1/8.

Nice buck Steve!


Esker Drops Huge Ohio Buck With Crossbow — 2 Comments

  1. i talked to 1 of the esker brothers not steve but steves brother in 2007 and he told me he just got his hunting rights back the year before for poaching.he said he got busted in franklin county.the odnr will be keeping a eye on both of them.

  2. Bone Collector, are you serious, Trespassing and Poaching is two different things, you dont even know the whole the story, he did not have written permission and the DNR pressed the charges not the land owner. Get your facts straight before you open up a can of worms. He paid his fine and moved on, have you never gotten a speeding ticket. Your an idiot.