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Glen Senske 20 Point Minnesota Buck

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge was the backdrop for Glen Senske, a Minnesota hunter who, after an injury, was told by his doctor that he wouldn’t be able to hunt this season. A true hunter with a passion for the sport Senske found a way to manage a deer hunt and scored big time with this huge whitetail buck.

After breaking his collarbone and having a metal plate inserted and a plethora of screws drilled into his shoulder Senske was told that the recoil from a firearm could very well re-injure his shoulder and he was best advised not to take the chance. But Senske was determined to find an alternative and opted to switch the hard hitting 12 guage shotgun he typically used for a small 410 that would have dramatically less range but also less recoil. Equipped with a scope mounted atop the small caliber shotgun, he set out to begin his hunt.

As he sat on a deadfall of brush and logs in the big woods of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge the trophy buck wandered into the 30 yard range at 9:30 in the morning where Senske missed the first shot but dropped the buck on the spot with the second shot.

The antler measurements, green scored by a local taxidermist, were reported at 199 5/8 inches on the non-typical whitetail.

Congrats on your nice buck Glen!

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