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Kevin Petrzilka Nebraska Buck
Mason, Kevin and Dillon Petrzilka display the bucks huge set of antlers.

While 50 year old veteran deer hunter Kevin Petrzilka may not be a stranger to big whitetail bucks, he probably didn’t expect to drop his chores and then drop a possible Nebraska state record whitetail with a single running shot.

Petrzilka, reported to be hunting with a 1960’s Remington 788 rifle says he had never seen this big buck before the day he shot it. With some nice bucks under this family’s belt, including a wall hanger barely missing the 170 mark shot by his son Mason, Kevin knew the excitement in his son’s voice was not over-exagerrated. He had just missed a huge buck running across a field chasing four does 200 yards away and his gun jammed, robbing him of a second shot. He made a quick call on his cellphone and set the stage where his dad and brother joined in on the hunt. Knowing the area and the deer movement the trio devised a plan, broke into action, and watched with intent while Mason traced the bucks path.

It was Kevin who would get the shot and just like that the chase was over. A single shot from 150 yards dropped the big Nebraska brute in it’s tracks.

The buck had an impressive 17 typical antler points with an inside spread of 21 inches. An official Boone and Crockett Scorer taking measurements reached a score of 203 4/8 for a green score. The current Nebraksa state record is 199 1/4.

Congrats to Kevin and his sons on this buck and possible new state record!


Kevin Petrzilka Bags Possible Nebraska State Record Buck — 9 Comments

  1. Too bad cell phone use in conjunction with a vehicle used in cutting off a deer’s movement is illegal in NE. Way to have a respectable picture too…

  2. i heard he took the buck legal and there is no doubt in any one’s mind about that except the people who are jealous of him. congrats on a great buck! steve simpson from ohio.

  3. You would think that if he had tresspassed to kill it they would have taken it since it was tagged with a landowners permit right? and since the the deer was surrounded on foot and all vehicals were parked over a quarter mile from where the deer was taken in the SAME PLACE i would doubt that he was surrounded by vehicals right? and since many game wardens checked the law over numeous times and confirmed that it was legal guess that checks out to right? and you would think that i would know what im talking about because im his oldest boy and was 40 yards from the deer when he was shot, Thanks Steve, its nice to see not everyone has to show hate because of jelousy

  4. By this pic, he looks alot smaller than originally thought. There was talk of it being close to world record but anyways, a very nice whitetail

  5. I heard the buck was chased down by 3 beagle’s while rabbit hunting and the beagle’s attacked and killed the massive buck.

  6. JoeG, That might be the funniest thing I have ever read! Great deer!! I hunted close by there last year and have to admit that it made me a little sick when i saw the pic.

  7. Great deer. Don’t let the b*****ds wear you down. You could be proud of that one if you ran it over with a truck! Hope it sets a new record.

  8. Congratulations on an awesome buck! I mean that to all three of you because it was a group effort that got it. And to all of those people spreading lies and rumors, I only hope that if they are ever lucky enough to down a buck of such big stature, that they enjoy all the same lies and rumors that will come their way too. It is always refreshing to hear about deer being taken by a group of hunters, working together to make it happen. I am lucky enough to hunt with about 7 to 8 relatives that all try to line up opportunities for each other. I believe this is the most rewarding way to hunt.
    I am also very curious in the handloaded cartridges that you guys use. My dad, my brothers, my sons and I all use 30 caliber, 125 grain, flatnose hollowpoints reloaded into 30-30 and 30-06 shells. We have been told for years that this is a varment load that does not have enough knockdown power to take deer with. Yet almost every deer we have gotten with this bullet has dropped within 2o to 30 yards if they didn’t drop right in their tracks. So, when I read that you use a bullet less than 1/2 that size, I was surprised. Again, congratulations on a great buck and have alot of luck and fun on your future hunts.
    Take Care and God Bless – Phil O.