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Matt Gober monster 13 point New York buck

Matt Gober is no stranger to nice whitetail bucks. A self-professed ‘rack hunter’ he has let many smaller bucks pass by his stand without hardly a second thought. His pursuit was to tag a big New York state buck in the 160 class range. And with this latest buck he’s done just that. And then some!

Matt was hunting a very active morning in the Burgeon-Stafford swamp region of Genessee County on October 18 working a grunt call from a treestand when the big buck appeared trailing a doe. Holding his composure he launched an arrow at 25 yards as the buck stood broadside and the wheels were set in motion as Gober realized he made a good shot on the deer. It wasn’t long afterwards when Gober returned with his father, whom he credits for teaching him to hunt, and brother and a couple friends to find the buck just a short distance from where he shot it.

Realizing he has fulfilled his ambition of a 160 class buck or better he brings the buck to the taxidermist where Jeff Fletcher, taxidermist and official scorer, broke out the tape and began calculating.

Scoring the buck as a 10 point with drop tines and removing the deductions Fletcher broke the news to Gober saying that he wouldn’t be in the 160 class. He grossed at 189 and should net a minimum 170 after drying shattering Gober’s own expectations of the antler size.

This could very well be the biggest buck ever taken with archery gear in Genessee county and in the rankings for a top five spot of all time in the state of New York. The current archery record for a typical set of antlers for New York is 180 1/8.

Good Luck in the scoring Matt and congrats on your buck!

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