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Tony Nelson 22 Point Buck

Although Tony Nelson knew there was a big buck in the area he couldn’t have guessed his dreams would come true when he headed out for an archery hunt around Shawneetown. But that’s exactly what happened when this 22 point nontypical bruiser showed up in the early morning hours hot on the heels of a doe.

As the buck was pre-occupied with chasing the doe Tony launched an arrow as the deer went beneath his stand. Miss! You can only imagine the thoughts running through his head as the buck left the scene unscathed. But like most great deer hunting stories and the unpredictable nature of rutting deer, the buck followed the doe back into shooting range a few minutes later.

Tony launched a lethal arrow this time and watched the big buck go down.

Official measurements have put the buck green scoring at 226 with a net score of 215 7/8. Nelson’s buck is reported to be a possible new state record.

Congrast on your buck Tony!

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