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We are no longer offering the Carhartt brand of camo apparel. Please view our large selection of camo clothing section for many other fantastic options!

Carhartt brings their branded selection of tough, durable, and reliable apparel to the hunters in a great selection of camo patterns and a limited time blaze orange hoodie.

Growing up in the building trades community there were few brand names that were respected as much as Carhartt. Jackets, pants, and bibs provided protection from the elements as well as foreign objects due to the quality stitched into every garment. If you wanted peace of mind, warmth, and satisfaction of purchase, Carhartt was, and still is, the first choice for today’s hard working men and women.

Carhartt has since extended that same quality to the hunting industry with their same demand for a superior product in a pattern we can all enjoy as hunters. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything as wind resistant, water resistant, warm, and tough, as a Carhartt product that won’t empty your checkbook and will last for many years to come.


Carhartt Camo Hunting Gear — 1 Comment

  1. I didnt wanna get a carhart coat for hunting cuz they are noisy fabric but my friends got some and they are difrent. it still tough but it like a soft coating if that make any sense. anyway i got one last year and its way worth it. thought that mite help.