Whitetail Body Language

Author: James L. Bruner

Deer communicate through many actions which include scent, verbally, and visually. Here are a few of the most common visual signs encountered while in the woods. Realizing what these actions mean can help you understand what is taking place and possibly what to do next.

Flehmen Or Lip Curl
Although this behavior is normally correlated with deer, especially bucks, this action is not exclusive to deer or even the males of each species but its always related to detecting certain scents in urines and receptiveness. A buck will exhibit the lip curl after detecting certain scents. The reaction is caused due to an olfactory organ called the vomeronasal. The organ is located on the roof of the mouth near the nasal passage and acts to block off normal breathing and direct air, or scents, into the pouch where it is examined and consequently produces the infamous lip curl. If you experience a buck reacting in this manner, chances are he has picked up the trail of a hot doe and will soon leave the area unless you’re lucky and the direction of the trail is heading towards you.
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